The 7th International Workshop on High Mobility Wireless Communications

In conjunction with VTC2018-Spring, June 3-6, 2018, Porto, Portugal

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Scope and Topics

The vision of future mobile communication systems is to provide seamless high data rate wireless connections for anyone at anytime and anywhere, including the high mobility scenarios such as high speed trains and highway vehicles. High mobility results in rapidly time-varying channels, which pose significant challenges in the design of practical systems, including channel modeling, fast handover, location update, synchronization, estimation and equalization, anti-Doppler spread techniques, coding and network capacity, capacity-approaching techniques, dedicated network architectures, distributed antenna techniques and etc. In addition, with the development of vehicular networks, more rigorous performance requirements (e.g., ultra-low latency and ultra-high reliability) are also needed for advanced driving applications, such as platooning, full automated driving, collective perception of environment and so on, which adds more challenges for the research and development of wireless systems with high mobility. To deal with these challenges, the 7th international workshop on High Mobility Wireless Communications (HMWC) aims at fostering fruitful interactions among interested communication engineers, information theorists and system designers from all over the world, building successful collaborations and bridging the gap between theory and practice. Its topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
iconTheoretical performance (e.g., data rate, delay, reliability, etc.) limits for HMWC systems
iconRapidly time-varying channel modeling, estimation and equalization
iconFast synchronization
iconDoppler shift estimation & compensation
iconDoppler diversity and anti-Doppler techniques
iconEfficient modulation and detection techniques employed in high speed vehicles
iconFast power control
iconFast handover and group handover
iconFast location update
iconHighly dynamic radio resource optimization
iconCoding and network capacity for HMWC systems
iconInterference utilization and capacity approaching techniques
iconMultiple access schemes and ultra-low latency protocols for HMWC systems
iconUltra-high reliability routing protocols for HMWC systems
iconRelay, distributive multi-antenna and cooperative techniques for HMWC systems
iconHigh-speed vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) radio systems
iconInformation caching and delivery for HMWC systems
iconUltra-reliable and low-latency network architectures for high speed environment
icon5G-based solutions for HMWC systems
iconBig data based analysis and optimization for HMWC systems

Important Dates

Submission deadline

Dec. 22 2017

Notification of Acceptance

Feb. 02 2018

Final Papers/Author Registration

Feb. 28 2018

Submission Guidelines

All manuscripts should be converted to PDF format and uploaded to the Trackchair system before submission deadline viaļ¼š Each submission must be at most 5 pages in length and conforms to the double-column template provided by IEEE, which is accessible through the conference website in the section of author